Saturday, August 9, 2008

Round Robin Photo: Night Shots

It's time for the Round Robin Photo Challenge again!

The theme this week was Night Shots, and when Sandcastle Momma mentioned that to me, I immediately thought of some of the things I'd taken last summer in Key Largo. We'd been staying in a Holiday Inn, right along a boat canal. I got some great shots, walking along after dark, and these are three of my favorites.

It's blurry, but at the time I hadn't thought to grab the tripod.. So nearby flat surfaces had to work.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Round Robin Photo Challenge: Variety

The Round Robin Photo Challenge!

Saturday, not only the best day of the week, because well, it's Saturday, but I get to post my Round Robin pics too! Yay!
Variety.. I had trouble thinking of something for that one, until, in a flash of inspiration.. I remembered the Tree People.

Yes. The Tree People, invented by myself, when playing with modeling clay around 5 or 6. But these Tree People, they are not all they appear! In order to stand upright, the majority of them have skeletons, made of toothpicks. Complete with joints, allowing a nice range of movement.

These Tree People came in all heights, colors, and swirls, so I thought: Hey! Variety!

And here... here are the Tree People, in all their modeling clay glory.

Honestly, I have no idea why they look like Tree People to me. They just.. do. They always have, and still do.

And.. a close up on one of them!

And there you have it, The Tree People, variety.

Zoo? What Zoo?

Mom: I see your daily post didn't go so well.
Me: Nope..
Mom: Why don't you post about the zoo?
Me: What zoo?
Mom: The one you live in.. You know, the freak show you call your family?

Hit that one right on the nail! And then, THEN, she calls her life boring. Hmph. Nothing of the sort.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Despite the fact that I posted less than five minutes ago..

I'm back!

And with ideas!

Because I am,
A. Lame
and B. Play WoW MUCH too much..

I'm gonna do a post about it daily! Yay!

And for today's rant/tips/quest/complaints.. Flying Mounts!
So awesome, yet so incredibly expensive.
I'll admit that they were even more overpriced, previously the epic training was 10,000gold; now only 5k, but still!

Some of us barely had enough for the regular(900g total). I really want my Netherdrake too...
Here's a picture of one,

The onyx netherdrake, specifically the one I want.
280% flight speed increase, and sweet looking.

But unfortunatly, I can't even get rep with the Netherwing Dragonflight until I have my epic mount training.
So unfair...


Wheee! I finally hit level seventy on World of Warcraft! Since that's the highest level you can get.. And I'm a wow-nerd.


In MMOROG terms though.. 70 is as close as you can get to beating the game.
For the moment anyway.. Soon the new expansion will be out, at which point the level cap is raising to 80.

Check it out here.

On another note, I'm actually somewhat happy with my pottery project in my Art Class. It's the first pottery thing I've ever made, ever, that has the potential to be decent.
It'd be my luck that it explodes in the kiln.
Hopefully not. But eh, stuff happens.

It looks cool though, because it's like, a half sphere. The round side is going to look like the Earth; specifically North America, while the side that is flat is painted as an old and broken bullseye, with a peace sign in the middle.

It's very metaphorical, as my teacher describer it, "It's a deep and meaningful statement on modern society."
What it's supposed to mean, is that we aren't aiming for peace, as signified by the fact that the bullseye looks cracked and old.
North America is on the back, since we're the ones fighting.

And hmph, has anyone noticed that Dora the Explorer is incredibly bossy? I mean, gosh! All she does is order those poor kids around. I swear she's sexist too, ever tried to find Dora toys for little boys? You can't. They don't seem to make them.

I had some more stuff to say, but I can't remember what. So I'm gonna go and do the math homework I should have started hours ago.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

and it's finally here... the round robin photochallenge! w00t!

Yepp, Round Robin Photo Challenge! Since the theme was shoes... I decided to do my shoes.

In all of their written upon, beaded, uniquely laced glory. And all of it describes me, somehow. Though some of it is a bit abstract, even in my opinion, which.. says something.

My wondrous Converse, take 1. :D

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ah, I miss the sun. Sun is good. Rain is good too, but only in short supply. So I made this in photoshop, completely from scratch. I'm proud of it. =)
After I finished it, I was temporarily cured of missing the sun. :P
Since, the water texture was frustrating, very frustrating. x.x